Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brand Yourself With a Gydget


Create your own digital mark or brand to show off your music, your business or just yourself. Stars such as Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Godsmack are using it, why not you. Create your own Gydget with your brand, your name or whatever you want on it.

Automatically add your MySpace information to your Gydget by just entering your MySpace ID. If you're a band you can add your band's MySpace information, events and videos to your Gydget too. Just fill in the form with your own information and create your own personal online Gydget.

Once you create your own Gydget you can add it to your website, blog or social networking site. Other's can add it too. If you find a Gydget of one of your favorite stars, you can add their Gydget to your site too.

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