Thursday, July 10, 2008

ReverbNation Registers 200,000th Band in First Twenty Months

ReverbNation, the leading Marketing and Promotion Platform technology for Musicians, Labels, Managers, and Venues, signed up its 200,000th Artist last week, adding 100,000 in the last six months alone. In addition, over 6,000 Labels and Managers have created profiles to promote themselves and their rosters, and more than 2,500 Venues and Clubs are using the ‘venue tools’ to help pack their shows, grow their fan bases, and integrate promotional efforts with musicians. To date, Artists and Labels have posted nearly 700,000 full-length songs to the site.

The success can be primarily attributed to the free suite of Fan Relationship Management (FRM) technologies the company provides for Artists, Labels, Managers, and Venues . The suite includes a content repository, promotional widgets and applications for viral distribution across social networks and blogs, integrated Street Team tools for motivating, tracking, and rewarding rabid fans, a communication platform to keep Artists connected with fans, and a comprehensive stats package to provide the insight they need to make marketing and promotion decisions.

Since inception, the company has focused on helping “Independent” Artists and Labels by providing marketing tools, for free, that are usually reserved for major labels with large budgets.

“In all my years as a musician’s coach and mentor, I have never seen the likes of ReverbNation for Indie musicians. They get it,” says Madalyn Sklar, owner of GoGirls Music and operator of the ‘’ website. “They absolutely understand the needs of the independent musician and build software that makes a difference for them everyday.”

“Are you an Artist that needs to generate a newsletter and send it out to 10,000 fans?” asks indie Artist Jeff Nelson of the Syracuse, N.Y. Rock band ‘Merit’. “Need a music player for your homepage or your Facebook page? Want to build a Street Team and have their actions tracked automatically? Want to know how long people listen to your songs before they turn them off, or if they passed them on to friends? Do you need help finding venues for your tour? I need all of that. ReverbNation delivers this and more. These guys offer the sickest platform of tools I’ve ever seen, and I can actually afford it, because it’s free.”

Use of the ReverbNation technology has recently spilled over from the indie ranks to some of the more recognized names in music as well, like 50 Cent, Kenny Chesney, Madonna, O.A.R., Natasha Bedingfield, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Sara Bareilles, and Sean Kingston, to name a few. Over 60 of the Billboard Top 100 now have a presence at

Said Chris “Broadway” Romero, Creative Director, G-Unit Records (50 Cent), “ReverbNation's TuneWidget and tracking tools have been great for us here at G-Unit Records and Their tools and applications let our fans easily become involved in the marketing and promotion of our music across the web. There are a lot of ‘all in one’ solutions out there, but the ReverbNation platform is the only one that allows us to develop a marketing strategy first, then use the technology to execute it.”

“We build technology that can help virtually any musician, label, manager, or venue,” says Lou Plaia, Co-Founder and V.P. of Artist Relations at “We help Artists take the music to the people, wherever those fans are spending their time online, and then empower Artists with tools for leveraging their content to drive real business objectives at those touch points. Artist objectives might include selling music, merch, or tickets, extracting valuable fan relationships from the social networks, or keeping content up to date across all of their sites. We give them real insight into what’s happening with their content and how their marketing efforts are affecting their overall Band EquityTM. At the end of the day, the most important asset an Artist has is their portfolio of fan relationships, and it’s our mission to help them grow that asset.”

Over the coming months, ReverbNation will expand the offerings to Artists even further, giving them more tools to succeed at the ‘business’ part of the music business, including: Low-cost digital distribution to iTunes and other retailers, a dynamic ‘Reverb Press Kit’ for media outreach and gig submissions, a ringtone generator and sales tool, and several enhancements to the FanReach communication tool. In addition, the company plans to introduce an “Artist Sponsorship Platform’ where Brands can link up with thousands of interested Artists at a time, creating a new revenue stream for Artists in these challenging times of declining music sales

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