Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has experienced enormous growth over the past year because technology innovations have allowed us marketers here in North America to conduct campaigns across carriers. The industry also smartly created the means for brands to monetize the mobile channel and to make it fun for consumers, while enabling those brands to create and solidify their position with consumers -- and to make money. It's win-win.

Here are a few tools that artist can use to connect with their fanbase.

JuiceCaster is a free multimedia community all about giving you, our users, the power to KNOW FIRST and SHOW FIRST.

JuiceCaster keeps you connected to your friends and personal networks because you can access JuiceCaster from your mobile phone and the web - meaning you will always be first to report cool things to your friends and first to know when something awesome happens in your circle, no matter where you are!

Mozes, is the Palo Alto company that lets you text-message music bands for information like concert details, venue changes and promotions.

Mozes wants becomes the one place you send messages to for information about your favorite band. All you do is send a message to M-o-z-e-s (or 66937 on your mobile dialpad), and then type in the name of the band in message. Mozes’ service then lets the band respond with its own message. It is popular at concerts.
For bands, the service is free. Eventually, Mozes wants to expand its services to businesses beyond music.

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