Saturday, December 15, 2007

Top MySpace Tips From People Who Know

from Million Music Marketing

1. Updating: The ‘Golden Rule’ of websites is they must constantly be updated, and yet many social networks go stagnant once the label has registered the name and created the first profile. My advice is to use RSS wherever possible since you can use Widgets to update news and photos on profiles. Facebook make it even easier by allowing you to link your news and Flogger to RSS feeds. Another tip - always embed a YouTube playlist instead of a single video since you can then update the playlist within ‘My Account’ and everyone’s video is updated at once.

2. Don’t make the mistake of thinking ‘Friends’ are the same as having a mailing list - they’re not since they rarely read their bulletins. Do you? FanBridge is a really easy way of starting your own mailing list.

3. Don’t think your MySpace is your official website. It isn’t. You don’t own it, MySpace do. If it goes wrong you’re screwed, and believe me, it does. And if you get banned, even inadvertently, then bye bye friends and all those careful hours spent adding and approving!

4. Sell from your website, even if it’s just a link to iTunes. Joe Purdy reckons he sells 20k-30k downloads per month simply by optimising his MySpace for sales via iTunes, eMusic, etc. If you don’t sell then MySpace is simply a brochure and that’s not what internet is all about, is it?

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