Monday, March 24, 2008

Using Twitter to promote your music

Twitter is a service that fits somewhere between email, instant messengering and micro blogging. If your a musician or record label you can use Twitter as a promotion tool. Twitter has RSS feeds and badges so each of your posts can instantly be placed across the internet at several locations at once. Twitter is also a type of social network and you can follow friends or companies your interested in. You do so in a public time line made up of a everyone you are following. It’s a fun and addictive experience. Let’s take a closer look.

Use Twitter to create a profile for yourself or your band. Use this profile to promote whatever is going on in the studio, new releases, a new YouTube video you posted and even important blog posts you have made.

Posts are limited to 140 characters of text which I think is brilliant because you are really forced into stating simple moments and facts. You can input entries vie your Twitter page online but you can also post Twitter entries by using software on your Mac or PC, IM clients or mobile devices like cell phones, etc.

Fans do not have to go to your Twitter site to see the updates. You can put them on your site, Blog, MySpace page or facebook page. Twitter posts can take on any look. You can use the official Twitter badges or style your own using CSS. You can also choose how many recent updates should be listed.

The video above is a really great way to grasp everything Twitter is about.

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