Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lisa Loeb On Free Music, AmieSt, 360's & Much More

Lisa_loeb_1_2 Lisa Loeb, Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, actress, and television producer, spoke to Laurence Trifon for Hypebot recently at Digital NARM. The now indie artist is embracing the digital space to market her music, and understands the challenges ahead.

There has been some debate among at Digital NARM about free music, and the trade-off between its promotional value and its potential to cannibalize music sales.

LOEB: It’s a fine line. When I was a kid we traded mixed tapes. And even now people give me entire CDs that they’ve burned that I might enjoy...

and if I like them I buy them because I know that’s the responsible thing to do. But I’m still up in the air about free music. It’s an interesting balance. I don’t really know the answer.

HYPEBOT: During the "Digital Copyright Crossfire" panel, Rick Carnes of the Songwriters Guild expressed that piracy has really hurt songwriters’ ability to make a living. What are your thoughts on how file-sharing has affected musicians?

Lisa_loeb LOEB: It’s terrible for songwriters who aren't also performers. When people share music for free, at least the artist brand is developed. If a bunch of fans get free Radiohead songs, Radiohead the brand is getting bigger and bigger. But if a Christina Aguilera song that someone else wrote is being passed around for free, the songwriter has totally been cut out of the puzzle. Songwriters don’t usually get advances. For them, royalties is where they make their money. That’s it.

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