Friday, June 20, 2008

Wanna get your music in a video game?

These days new bands have many options for promoting themselves. Digital distribution and sites like MySpace can really help a band get known. If you are really lucky maybe you’ll get featured on an Apple commercial but if that isn’t an option (and for most it isn’t) how about having your music featured in a video game? Now that would be pretty dope.

Music and gaming is big business these days and getting your band’s music featured in a popular game can mean massive exposure. EA Games is one company for instance that has done well using previously unknown artists in many of their titles and those artists have gone on to great success because of it. As console and online games have grown in scope over the last 5 years the need for fresh soundtracks and scores for the games have grown along with it. Many other gaming companies are now actively searching for new musical talent to include in their games.

The popular online gaming site, Instant Action is currently holding a contest called Attack the Soundtrack in which the winner will get to have their music featured in one of the site’s popular games. Artists are invited to submit their music, via an MP3. Fans will then have an opportunity to vote for their favourites and the top vote getters will be included in the judging by a panel of music industry veterans including superstar rapper Fat Joe.

If your interested in submitting your song, you’d better hurry - all submissions must be in by June 26 2008. Check out the website here.

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