Wednesday, June 11, 2008

T-Pain Launches Nappy Boy Digital

Producer and artist T-Pain steps launched what he says will be a full service, independent Tpainrecord label , Nappy Boy Digital. The label provides an outlet for T-Pain to release tracks without "the constraints of the traditional major label machine".

T-Pain collaborator Tay Dizm is the first artist on the newly formed label. The debut single, "Beam Me Up," was produced by Atlanta hit-maker Bangladesh and features T-Pain and Florida rapper Rick Ross. iTunes began an exclusive on May 20th and a web-wide release begins at the end of June.

"Nappy Boy Digital is a dream come true for me. I'm excited about bringing music by new artists to people fresh out of the studio," said T-Pain commenting on the venture. "My life and career so far has been about breaking barriers and this label allows me to continue that by delivering hit songs in real time, no red tape, just good music. You'll hear us in the clubs and on radio too, but you can discover our tracks where people spend most of their time, online. I'm very proud to be out front on an idea like this."

Julia Kadarusman, a spokesperson for the label answered a few questions about the new venture:

Q: Is T-Pain releasing his own music via the new label or is he still tied to a major?
A: T-Pain remains a Konvict/Jive Records (Sony BMG) recording artist.

Q: Will there also be a physical product release and if so via what distributor?
A: Physical product is ultimately expected, but the distributor is TBD and will be announced at the time of the first physical product release.

Q: Who is your digital distributor?
A: Nappy Boy Digital is handling digital distribution

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