Friday, April 18, 2008

ReverbNation continues to roll out powerful features for Artists

The ReverbNation network continues to grow steadily. Combined, Artists at ReverbNation reach over 24,000,000 uniques per month via our website, widgets, and applications ( Content deployed from ReverbNation (widgets and apps) is now present on approx. 1,100,000 unique urls, and is being displayed a total of 180,000,000 times per month. Our 160,000 registered Artists have posted 525,000 full-length tracks to the site, growing at around 2,500 per day. And we continue to see Artists signing up at a rate of 500-1,000 per day.

A few weeks ago ReveberNation launched a couple important features, 'Fan Exclusive Songs' and 'Band Equity Score'.

1. 'Fan Exclusive Songs' allow the Artist to give access to full-length streams or downloads exclusively to listeners that become registered 'fans' of the Artist (read: email addresses, demo info, and permission to contact). Initial data suggests that Artists that have designated at least one song as 'Fan Exclusive' have been growing their list of registered fans at a rate that is 600% faster than Artists that are not.

2. Band Equity Score, the score that measure a Band's overall "Brand Value" has really taken off with our Artists. Over 100,000 Artists have taken an interest in this score and begun tracking it. Thats over 60% of our Artist users.

New Features
Conversion Tracking
Tracking 3rd Party Widgets
Widgets for Blogs/Ning
MyBand Application Launched on Bebo

Conversion Tracking - We've been tracking impressions and clicks on web banners for Artists and Labels now for over 5 months. They simply upload any banner image (.gif, .jpg, .png) into their Artist profile and then post the image code we give them to MySpace, their blog, or wherever. We then track the activity and report it back to them in the Stats area of their profile. Artists, and especially labels and promotions companies, have found this measurement tool to be very useful, especially for more established Artists who might have multiple banner campaigns running simultaneously to support a new album, sell tickets, and sell merch, etc. Recently, we've received requests to be able to track the actual conversions created by those banners (i.e. sales). So we've built in conversion tracking. Think 'Google Analytics Conversion Tracking' simplified down for the music industry.

This feature tracks conversions that occur after the 'click-through' on any web banner, and reports them to the Artist inside the ReverbNation Stats area. Conversions can occur anywhere on the web (they don't have to be at ReverbNation), and can even be used as the 'Mission Goal' in our Street Team feature for Artists. i.e. "We'll give out back-stage passes for anyone that brings in more than 5 ticket buyers."

Artists who want to use conversion tracking simply grab the conversion code we supply to them and paste it into the appropriate 'success' page that follows the desired conversion activity. Conversion tracking helps us close the loop for our users, tying our Fan Relationship Management and Promotion solutions directly to desired outcomes (conversions).

3rd Party Widget Tracking
- Artists employ a variety of widgets from different companies to achieve their online goals. As you may know, the ReverbNation Street Team function allows Artists to make deployment of widgets the 'goal' of the missions they give to their most rabid fans to carry out.

"Spread our new single all over the web by posting this music player widget to MySpace, blogs, etc, and we'll give an autographed CD to the three fans who make the most postings".

We've had lots of feedback from Artists saying that they wanted to be able to use widgets from other companies in their missions (Eventful, Slide, Zazzle, YouTube, etc). Up until now, Artists have been limited to using only ReverbNation widgets. So we've built a function that tracks these 3rd party widgets and reports the data back to the Artist. Now they can make missions like "Spread our YouTube video" and we can track the 1st generation placements and impressions against the individual Street Team members who are responsible.

Widgets for Blogs/Ning - A recent article has suggested that blogs are a surprisingly important source for music sales. It was high time we made some widgets that were a custom fit for blog sidebars and Ning sites. This week we introduced 3 widgets that are tailor made for those sites - a music player (with store links), show schedule (with ticket links), and fan collector (join the mailing list). Many of our Artists have waited patiently for this.

Here is a live example of someone using the widgets:

MyBand Application for Bebo

MyBand, the leading Artist application at Facebook with over 265,000 installs, has been made to work on the Bebo network. ReverbNation is going to take over the UK!

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