Saturday, April 5, 2008

Use YouTube to Promote, Promote, Promote.... It's Powerful

Are you using tools like YouTube to promote your music and songs? If not, why not?

Included below is another wonderful example showing you how powerful YouTube and other Broadcast websites can be for you.

Chris Cendana posted a basic home computer recorded music video of his song "Velvet Fingertips" on February 11th of this year (2008). That is he posted it just under 19 days ago. During that short time, he has had 126,938 Views, 1,454 Comments on it, and had it marked by people as one of their Favorite Videos 1,396 times. Now in April the count is up to 502,913 Views and 2,797 Comments and Favorited 3,289 times.

Chris is now hosting a contest for the best cover of any of his original songs. The prize an ipod Nano a small price to pay for the word of mouth this will bring him.

"Velvet Fingertips"

Cover Chris Cendana Contest... Win an iPod nano!

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