Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why Every Artist Needs a Blog, by Kyra Reed

Blogs in Plain English

"Back in the days before Myspace, most bands relied on emails and shows as their only avenue for staying in touch with fans. Today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of technologies artists can use to build relationships with the public: social networks, Twitter, blogs, texting, the list goes on. To fully take advantage of these tools, a band needs a central online location to syndicate its presence across the web; one place fans know they can visit for the latest information, photos, press, tour dates, etc. A website has historically filled that role, but most are already outdated. Traditional sites just don’t allow for social interaction or easy updating of information (“content management”). If you are ready to retire your website or are thinking about launching a new one, a blog can provide a useful (and CHEAP) format for building out your online presence. Here’s a few bullet points to help frame your thinking about how to leverage the millions of fans and industry connections out in the blogosphere..."

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Kyra Reed got started in the music biz managing Portland, OR, bands Stars of Track and Field and The Upsidedown. She currently is a New Media and Interactive Consultant working with bands, venues and labels all over the U.S. Kyra's new eBook, Blog101, is written specifically to help artists navigate their careers online.

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